Kaya Black Cat
Kaya Black Cat
Kaya Black Cat
Kaya Black Cat

Kaya Black Cat

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Steeped in tradition and history of Korean craftsman over the millenniums. these Traditional bows are individually hand crafted by one of Korea‘s finest bowyers, Mr. Kwak Yun-sik. Each bow is a true masterpiece and is stamped with his official seal. These bows may be shot either Right or Left-handed. Features an new attractive wrapped finish. This more tradition look will also help keep limbs from being scratched or dented.

  • - Bare Bow Type (no sight, no arrow rest, no cushion plunger)
  • - The normal shooting distance : 145m
  • - The maximum shooting distance : 400m
  • - Field archery, recreation & hunting archery


  • Bow Length: 46", 48", 50", 52"
  • Draw Weight: 30 / 35/ 40 / 45/ 50 / 55 or 60#@31"
  • String: First Flight
  • Shoot either RH or LH user
  • Carbon, fiber Glass and hard maple
  • covered with decorative leather

Ships directly from Korea.  Please allow 30 days to receive.